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Heather's Story



"In a post-apocalyptic world, one woman holds the key to the future of mankind. This is her story!"

In the early part of the 21st century, just before the start of the third world war, a small minority of the world’s population own most of the planet’s wealth. In order to keep it this way, the minority control the majority with clandestine methods of manipulation. Whilst doing this, they realize that their hold over the people is a tenuous one, so in an effort to consolidate their grip, they push the world forward, towards a controlled, global centralization of power.

As a result of this greed and lust for power, the world and mankind is in a sorry state. Prophecies of doom seem to be being played out on the world’s stage. War, death, poverty, pollution and famine ravage the once beautiful planet. With the world’s economy in tatters, human suffering reaches a peak - and the threat of global warming menacingly warns the people of the real possibility of their own self destruction.

And yet ‘the powers that be’ continue to tell all that will listen, that this is the way forward. A new government will save us all.

Looking for ways of ending the suffering, scientists and philosophers argue whether human misery and cruelty are the result of a selfish and sadistic human nature, or whether a natural altruistic human nature (the possible true nature of man) has somehow been perverted - paradoxically by a social structure that man himself created.

As a direct result of these debates and using the latest cutting edge technology, some brilliant scientists led by a Professor Danes, create a computer chip, that when connected to the human brain through a complex neural network, gives the user the ability to read the inner core of each individual human being’s soul that they meet. This soul reading programme is nicknamed the ‘heart detector’.

Now liars, cheats, manipulators and murderers can no longer hide behind a false smile, as with one scan of the heart detector a person’s ‘true’ motivations are clear to see.

Within months of it's creation the heart detector is recognized as a threat to ‘the system’, as ‘the controlling minority’, and those they have put into positions of power to help control the masses - if scanned would be ousted as the liars and unscrupulous, evil people they are!

Death contracts are put out on the scientists responsible for the creation of the heart detector, and the small controlling minority has but one goal - to destroy them, and it!

The world’s problems continue - ultimately culminating in the start of the third world war. The planet is devastated and millions die as a result. In all of the chaos, little is known of what happened to the heart detector after its creators were killed. The heart detector becomes a thing of whispered legend.

After the war, as the devastated planet slowly starts to recover, the world is divided. Wastelands and small rural communities of survivors are scattered everywhere. The small controlling minority - who survived the apocalypse in large, city like, pre-built nuclear bunkers, try to re-establish their power. They start to rebuild some of the bigger cities and run them under a totalitarian regime: governing and controlling the people under the banner of the new world order.

Outside of the bunkers, in a remote mountain retreat untouched by the war, a group of rebel ‘super soldiers’ have gathered some survivors and are living, waiting for the world to be habitable again. These soldiers were members of a ‘guinea pig’ platoon that were testing the V6832G serum - a genetically enhancing serum designed to improve a soldier’s performance. The serum was classed as a failure because although successful in enhancing performance, it also became evident that the serum induced psychosis in long term users. The soldiers had become rebels and were trying to wean themselves off the addictive drug under the orders of their leader, the battle hardened Sgt. Fielding.

One of the commune at the soldier’s base is a young girl who hardly ever speaks: a girl who was barely a teenager when arriving at their base with her few belongings. Little did anybody know that implanted in this girl’s mind was the legendary heart detector - in an emergency operation, Professor Danes had hidden it in his only daughter before his murder.

For the next nine years the super soldiers, aware of the perils that the post-apocalyptic world may hold for it's inhabitants, raise and train the young girl as one of their own. She becomes an expert in all forms of combat. And as the laws of evolution take hold, she takes on the characteristics of her genetically enhanced mentors. She becomes quicker, sharper; her reactions even faster than her elders; she becomes almost super human. The girl receives the name she is to go by after arriving back to the camp after a short sojourn, and hands Sergeant Fielding a small cluster of heather that she has picked with her own delicate hand (a sign that the world is starting to recover from the devastating effects of the war).

The young girl grows up to become the most incredibly beautiful woman; her sublime femininity in complete juxtaposition to her deadly skills.

After a sudden and devastating attack on their base by an unknown enemy, all the soldiers and survivors are brutally murdered, and Heather is left mortally wounded herself. To save herself from certain death, Heather injects herself with the dangerous but powerful V6832G serum. With the euphoric effects of the drug surging through her young body she sets off after the convoy of enemy that attacked her home and killed her friends and mentors. After a legendary battle, Heather defeats the enemy soldiers. After vanquishing her enemy; with no home to return to, she decides to explore the post-apocalyptic planet.

She travels the desolate world, visiting the rural communities, wastelands and the ‘new’ cities, trying to make sense of the planet’s, and her past. She has little memory of the time before the soldiers found her, so she has questions that need to be answered. Who were her parents? Why was she alone? Why did the world almost end so violently? Why did millions of human lives end prematurely? Was it really because of a few people’s greed?

It must not happen again, the liars, the cheats; the manipulative and murderous must be punished. The people that held no value for human life before the war must now have that same value put on their own. There is no place for the wicked, the selfish and the greedy if the human race is to survive and grow again. This time human nature must not be perverted by an evil few.

The future is resting in this beautiful young woman’s dainty hands. The ‘evil ones’ must be terminated.

And so she sets about on her quest, armed with the heart detector and an arsenal of weapons; her combat skills beyond comparison, and yet her most powerful tool being her beauty; the striking power of her femininity bringing most men to their knees.

And thus the legend that is Heather Heart - Hitwoman was born.

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