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  1. Who is Heather Heart - Hitwoman?
  2. What content is available in the store?
  3. What format are the movies in?
  4. What is the best way to view the site?
  5. How often do you update?
  6. How do I purchase from the store?
  7. How much does the content cost?
  8. Who created this site and how did it come about being created?
  9. Is this a sex site?
  10. Does this site condone violence to others?
  11. How do I visit the store?

1.Who is Heather Heart - Hitwoman?

Heather Heart - Hitwoman is a sexy, latex clad super heroine. Her mission is to rid the world of evil - anyway she can! Armed with her ‘heart detector’ (the ability to see past a person’s masks or façades - and judge them with one hundred percent accuracy as good or evil), and with a variety of weapons at her disposal - she sets about on her many exciting adventures.

Heather Heart - Hitwoman is a fictional character. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely conicidental.

2.What content is available in the store?

In the store you will be able to purchase all of Heather Heart - Hitwoman’s latest adventures. These adventures are illustrated in the form of film (short movies of between approximately 5 and 20 minutes in length), and also ‘photo’ comic books.

3.What format are the movies in?

The Heather Heart - Hitwoman movies are currently in the wmv format and the ones available for purchase in the store are the High Quality versions (HD).

4.What is the best way to view the content from the site?

Once you have purhcased content from the store, this is downloadable content and viewable on your pc. If you have an Xbox 360 you can connect your media player to it and view all of the wonderful Heather Heart - Hitwoman content on your widescreen HD television.

5.How often do you update?

We will update as regularly as possible. As long as you want to see Heather Heart - Hitwoman's adventures, we will keep making them available for you.

6.How do I purchase from the store?

Purchasing is easy. Click on any one of the' Store' links on any of the pages; peruse the store and when you want to purchase some content, follow the online instructions, pay your fee with a credit card and you will be sent a link/s to your purchased content to 'your account' in a matter of minutes. Please remember that your link will be sent to 'your account' and not via email. The link will be at the bottom of the page, in the left hand corner and is the title of whatever you purchased. If you wish to keep the movie, 'right click' on the link and 'save as' to a folder on your pc. If you left click, the movie will stream and you may lose the option of saving it.

7.How much does it cost?

The videos are various prices - these prices are available in the store and are related to the length of the movie. The comics are ten dollars each.

8.Who created this site and how did it come about being created?

The production of this website has been a labor of love. The site was created by sci-fi fans and comic book enthusiasts with an interest in fetish, who then created and fell in love with the character Heather Heart - Hitwoman. The character herself is a creation born from an interaction between Heather Divine and one of her friends (and now co-creators of the site). The two of them played around with the idea; shared it with a few more friends and then decided to develop the website in earnest. They spent 1 year developing the concept and then a further year producing the content before the eventual live launch. They would like to thank everyone who helped and contributed with the production of this website and who helped them to achieve their vision.

9.Is this a sex site?

No, this is not a sex site (although we would like to think that Heather herself is very sexy). This is a science fiction, fantasy themed site. There is no nudity or sex, but there are hints of sexiness and fetishism (boot licking, glove smothering, ball kicking, girls and guns etc), on the site and for this reason we would suggest that this site is for mature audiences only.

10.Does this site condone violence to others?

Of course it doesn’t. Heather Heart - Hitwoman is a fantasy character who because of the nature of her job/mission as a Hitwoman sometimes participates in fantasy violence. We (the creators of the site) do not condone violence to others under any circumstances. All participants on the site were eager and willing volunteers and nobody was actually hurt in the productions. The violence depicted on the site is ‘comic book’ violence and is make believe - set within the context of the character and her imaginary, but exciting and dangerous world.

11.How do I visit the store?

You can visit the store by following any of the 'Store' links.

A note from Heather and her co-creators of the site.

Thanks for looking at our website. We had a lot of fun creating the content on here and did manage to turn a few heads at various locations and studios whilst doing so. We really hope that you enjoy the adventure as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.