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Welcome to the life of Heather Heart - Hitwoman.

In the year 2061, in a post-apocalyptic world; one woman holds the key to all of mankind's future.

Her mission - to rid the world of evil, once and for all - any way she can!

Found as an orphan by a group of rebel ‘super soldiers’, she was trained in all forms of combat from a very early age. She has a vast arsenal of weapons at her disposal; her beauty being the most potent one. And with the 'heart detector' (a computer chip that gives her the actual ability to judge people as good or evil with 100% accuracy) implanted into her mind, Heather sets about making the world a safer place for the sensitive and the good - by terminating the wicked.

Terrorists, murderers, charlatans, the ruthless, and the greedy - they're all fair game to her!

The ultimate website created for the ultimate super heroine!
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